Dating scan 2 weeks off

I guess maybe if you weren't keeping track of your periods and had guessed on a date, but for those of you who knew when you started your LMP and they told you you were wrong?! I knew mine for sure and I would be so upset if this happened to me. The other thing is, why is the ultrasound measurement the main factor in determining gestational age?

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Isn't there some level of variability? Not all babies are born weighing and measuring the same, so they shouldn't be expected to be exactly the same size on day 56 for example of a day pregnancy. Ugh, I'm so frustrated for all of you. I would get a second opinion, but maybe that's my own crazy hormones talking. Thanks girls, I was marking periods too but it take about 10 days after lmp to get bfp so maybe But was also thinking doesn't baby grow at different rates with ds one of the scans measured smaller but he came on exact due date, just the thoughts of extra few weeks tiredness and sickness etc I know will feel better whenever I meant to but still that 12 week mark feels like it's never gonna come!!

Dating scan put my due date back 2 weeks!! - June Babies | Forums | What to Expect

This time they put my last cycle starting at Sept 4 instead of the 6th. I thought I was due June 4th, but after ultrasound it was pushed back to June 15th. I have very long cycles, so I just ovulated later than most women who's last lmp was the same as mine. There are a lot of factors that can affect your dates. You cycle length and when you ovulate is far more important than your actual lmp.

Also the time it takes the baby to implant can vary from days. While the average is 5 or 6 it could be longer. Babies do develop in a very set pattern for the first 12 weeks. So ultra sound dating is the most accurate. They do usually say plus or minus 3 days due to the difficulty of getting accurate measurements. But early on they are really good measures.

Can a 8 week dating scan be wrong

So take all of those factors and you can see how 1 week off is totally understandable. As far as your doc telling you when you had your lmp that's just silly. But my guess is he took your conception date and worked back 14 days as that is the average and recorded that for future calculations.

Hope this makes some sense! I went from June 16 to June I was off by 2 weeks too. I went to doc thinking I was 8w, left being only 6w3d. I'm almost 9w now, have doc appt today I want to be so much closer to the 2nd tri than I am right now!!!!

Dating scan put my due date back 2 weeks!!

I thought I was the only one!!!! When I left I had "lost" almost 3 weeks, which made me very sad. Two weeks is a jump though depending on when you tested. Like me for example, if a doc told me I was two weeks behind I would tell him he is full of crap because there is absolute NO way possible.

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I know this because I had sex on the 9th of October and I actually tested really early just 7 days after when typically most don't even get a positive and I got a faint positive. My friend who is a midwife said she thinks I implanted on that following Tuesday. Oh and with my first they thought my daughter was a whole month further along.

Due date july 4th she was born may 23rd. When she was born after they checked her they came to me and told me she was only probably a week or two early NOT 6 weeks. Also another thing how good the tech is will also depend on how accurate your dates will be: Yes I went to June 19 from June 13 so I lost almost a week. Anyway, enough rambling, it does happen and they should be quite accurate when done early but then again how do they really know to the exact day?

Just a thought too, travel always messed up my periods so might be something there? So like you I am technically Sept 24th now but went 10 days over on dd and fully expect to be here on 1st Oct so staying with the lovely ladies I'm familiar with already. On DS, I had a scan at what should have been 7 days according to LMP, but he measured 6 weeks and so due date was put forward a week. I have slightly longer cycles 32 days so I probably ovulate late but certainly not a week late. In my case on DS, subsequent scans eventually matched LMP date but they kept me on later due date and I went 8 days over and ended up with a 9 pounder and section!

Now my due date for this bub is 27th Oct so I will prob go in Nov but I'm sticking to this board for the time being. The dating according to LMP last menst period is based on women who have 28 day cycles. I have a 24 day cycle, therefore I ovulate 4 days earlier than most women - i.

This could account for part of your time difference also, it is possible that your baby is just big for this stage in pregnancy. I hear ya on not wanting to be induced again.

I am the same!! Its not a fun experience to say the least!! And even tho you are technically due in september now, most likely you will go in october anyways, so we won't hold it against ya!! Post New Topic Post Reply. Threads containing Words or Phrases: Search for posts by Username: Only search the current board. Unchecking causes a search on all the Boards. Wed 23 Mar, Dating Scan - Accuracy?

Apart from that it was great to see the little bub moving around and hands and feet! Newest First Oldest First.

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Tue 29 Mar, Hello Gerbear You can ovulate anytime during your cycle, including when you have AF so I would go with dating scan. Home of the Ultimate Kids Birthday Party.