Autistic dating site

Now the two can coexist together, believe you me.

We can all name the most common ones, but are they tailored for the person living with a disability? Why do you ask?

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But if you do get to the first date stage, how soon do you bring it up? Would it go like this: Are you having a starter?

Maybe I should try to develop an app? And maybe they already exist?


After a few seconds of doing a search on the app store, the results came back with zero. For more information on autism you can visit Autism Spectrum Australia. All Programs People Schedule.

Dating on the autism spectrum

Dating on the autism spectrum By James Findlay. Thursday 13 July 1: Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp. Audio Player failed to load.

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How to Get a Girlfriend When You're Autistic (with Pictures)

Laura talks about autism and dating from the inside perspective as an autistic woman. She talks about thought looping, celibacy, obsessiveness, clingy-ness, being realistic, and staying grounded. Check out this Wiki-How for step by step directions. What dating articles and resources do you recommend?

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